Saturday, January 3, 2015

Red lips - Marvelous Moxie

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!

I just returned from a trip to visit my boyfriend's grandmother. On the way home we stopped in a mall and I got my nails done... I stress pick at them (awful habit) so I decided to get gel tips for the first time. Pretty sweet and now I am unable to pick at them. Perhaps I will post about them later :)

Christmas was lovely and I got some pretty cool makeup - I received the Smashbox contour palette (yassss) which I am currently obsessed with. I can't wait to post about it.

I wanted to talk about my holiday makeup, specifically the red lippy I've been using. 

Marvelous Moxie lipstick in Call the Shots is described as a true scarlet. I find it to be a blue based red with a very buildable and creamy finish. I've been wearing it both dabbed on for lighter coverage as well as built up for when I want a full punch of red.

I usually pair a red lip with a more minimal eye, a clean brow, peachy blush, and a nice contour. I popped on some demi false lashes for more drama but for the most part kept my eye makeup clean and simple with a brightening champagne shadow. 

Contouring is usually the base of my makeup routines, especially if I'm doing a bold eye or lip look - to maintain an overall balance on my face.


Monday, December 22, 2014

One step at a time...

Over the course of the holiday season I think it becomes easy to get off track health wise - note yummy seasonal foods, cold weather, and the extra availability of kitty snuggles all make it oh so easy for me to skip a workout and totally justify noshing on Christmas chocolate here and there (while I lounge around and watch House of Cards). Not to mention all of my last minute shopping! 
I do believe that balance is really important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I've been completely over restrictive about diet and exercise in the past, but this time around I think I've tipped the balance a bit to the overindulgent side... and I've noticed an overall change in how I've been feeling. 

Especially since I haven't been staying active. My mom got me a Fitbit for Chanukah and now that I can track myself I can see that I'm so guilty of not being active enough... eeek.

So, I decided to make it a priority of mine to exercise in the following week. I know it will be the holidays soon, but there's no time like the present to start! I think it can also be fun to bond with your loved ones while getting active.

My boyfriend and I will go on "running dates" to keep each other accountable. We always grab a kombucha or a juice post workout and just enjoy talking and relaxing together. 

Even though I don't like to wear makeup when I hit the gym, sometimes I'll just pop on a little mascara, cream blush, or lipgloss to feel a little special when I'm totally pouring sweat as I try to keep up with him (He's 6'4 and has really long legs haha).

My advice for getting back in shape again would definitely be to set small goals for yourself. I know I'm the type of person who always tries to plan out the big picture and I can get overwhelmed or impatient when I don't move mountains in a day. That's when I get frustrated and become overwhelmed. So, it's important to just focus on the small victories. Remember that it doesn't matter how fast you're going, as long as you're going!

I also really love being around nature, so running outside always brings a sense of peace to me. I like music, but sometimes I'll just take the earbuds out and listen to the quiet or the sound of my breath. 

Every day is a new opportunity to love and treat your body right. Let's make this week full of health and happiness!


Friday, December 19, 2014

Weekday to date night

Happy Friday everybody! I thought it would be fun to post a before/after tutorial on how to go from a business appropriate makeup look to something a little more sultry in the evening.
I started out my day with really simple makeup, using mostly mattes. Filled in my brows, applied foundation and concealer, contoured and applied lipliner and gloss.
On my eyes I used the Naked Basics palette, using a really simple contour/highlight and popped on a soft cat eye and some mascara. This look takes me about 20 minutes to do in the wee hours of the morning, because I'm slow at that time... but I can do it in less if I need to.

In preparation for this evening:
Naked 3
False lashes/glue
Nude lipgloss & liner
Shimmery cream shadow
I put Trick all over my lids from the Naked 3, and contoured the crease with Mugshot, blending it out. I also swept a little of Mugshot under the outer corners of my eye and blended it for a more smoky look. I then took my cream shadow and used it as a highlight on top of the Trick and in my inner corners (though the sparkle is hard to see in the photos, it it popped!). 

Glue on lashes, apply blush and lipgloss, and you are literally good to go! I love adding a smoky eye over basic workwear because its so easy to do - everything else on your face can be minimal so you don't need to stuff your bag full of products. 

That's it! Quick and easy.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

3. Most beautiful holiday shimmer eyeshadow (in Mirror)
4. Be still my sparkle heart! Heels I picked up that happen to perfectly match said eyeshadow
5. Hot Toddy shower gel
6. "Twinkle Lights" by China Glaze - old but I found it on Amazon.
7. Holly Golightly bubble bar
8. Champagne Gold highlighter
9. Pink rhinestone knit beanie (similar found here)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fun Bun

Hair of the day for some last minute holiday shopping. I love doing a fun bun when my hair is messy or dirty or if I. Just. Can't...  Like that time that I did my makeup and got hungry halfway through so I didn't bother to do my hair. Yea. 
So this is so easy and fun. All I used was a hair tie, a sock, and bobby pins. 
A sock, you say?? Yes. A clean sock. I just cut the toe off of it and rolled it around itself so it looked like a donut. I threw my hair into a pony, slid the sock donut around the ends, and rolled my hair down around it. Pin it in place and you're good to go!
Ta da!


Happy Chanukah everybody! I celebrate both Christmas and Chanukah, which always makes the holidays even more of an exciting time. This year Chanukah continues straight until Christmas Eve, which I'm pretty pumped about. I did my makeup for the candle lighting ceremony in rosy peach and gold tones to match the glow of the candles.

Also, If you're feeling it, I think a head chain looks pretty cool with this makeup - though I didn't wear it to the ceremony. It picked up the gold tones even more.
To get an overall glowy effect I focused  on contouring and highlighting, and made sure that everything was soft and well blended. To do this I used a fluffy kabuki brush to apply bronzer to the outer parts of my face and in the hollows of my cheeks. 
I hit the apples of my cheeks with NARS Orgasm and applied Becca shimmering skin perfector in Champagne Gold. My lips are just lipliner and gloss, and for my eyes I used a simple wash of gold shadow with smoked out liner.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Back to basics

Hooray! I'm almost done with finals! Things have been rainy and gray here, and as far as school goes, I've been swamped. This definitely called for some very neutral makeup. I wasn't really feeling the shimmer this week either.

Anyway I am so ready for the semester to be over so I can break out some more color and play with glitter and spend a hot minute on myself! But in the interim these have been my makeup staples.

You guys. I've gone against my all of my healthy ways and have been eating way too much sugar during studying. Literally the worst stuff... Sugar and caffeine. 

My skin is breaking out! Eh well, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Next time around I will hopefully treat my body a little better during finals week. Anyway, I'll be back at the gym tomorrow!

Here's to some serious "I mean business" makeup.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Messing around

I wanted to do hair that was sexy and textured and natural looking but still gave off somewhat of a romantic vibe. I love to wear my hair like this because it still feels so low maintenance even though it's curled - I have a hard time finding a good balance when curling my hair. Sometimes I don't curl it enough and it falls flat in five minutes (ughhhhhh) and other times I compensate for that by absolutely curling the ever loving out of my hair and ending up with a wild Shirley Temple 'do. So I think I found a good balance with this.
This was also quick and easy, (yayy) and as we all know, if you have naturally straight hair, curling it can take FOREVER. I think it's flattering and flowy and makes me feel like I'm a windswept elven princess who just got off the back of a stallion... I don't know, I've been feeling Lord of the Rings lately, ya feel me? #nerdfordays
This is what I'm talking about :)
Yeah, so it's pretty minimal. 
Start with dry hair. My hair happened to be clean today but of course day old hair works for this too.
Ok, so next here's my super-extra-power-secret for Pinterest worthy hair: Extensions. Yes. 
Put those extensions in, girl. They're pricey but a very worthy investment in my opinion, if you do your research on the best kind for you! Because I'm a beauty junkie I decided to get these after stalking my favorite beauty blogs. They're 220g and 22 inches. I have fine hair, but it's relatively thick/dense.
Way back when, when I started wearing extensions, I had 160g 20 inch but found that these were too thin for my hair, so I switched over.  They were also about two shades too light so after I stopped dying my hair I had to perpetually color them (le sigh).
I got these recently and I lurve them. For wild mane looks I could even go thicker, but for now I love the 220gs. They are a really good balance of thickness and length, and fit my budget better than 240's or 260's. 
Anyway, enough extension rambling. I may do a post in the future about choosing extensions.
Get out your heat protectant and apply that to your beautiful flowing hair.
To get the loose curls I sectioned off my hair with clips and used a curling wand to curl about 1 inch sections of hair. I used dis one.
Don't worry about making the curls perfect, they'll end up being pretty loose anyway. I simply focused on only curling mid-shaft to ends and pulled the curls out while they were still warm to get a more 'flowy' effect. I also kind of left my top layers alone but this is totally optional, I just wanted it to be subtle and loose and girl-next-door-meets-Arwen. 
Spritz a little hairspray (flexible hold), shake your hair out, and go! You can also alway use texture spray if you feel you need to. I've been going through a minimal products phase though (read, laziness) so I left it alone.
Hope you guys like it!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

End of semester picks

Class is over and it's finally reading days, which means we're almost done with the semester!!I took a break from my mountain of assignments to put together some of my most loved items for this time of year.1. I am very busy. Enough said. I've been coveting lately... here's to nonverbal cues in the library. Get it together pencil pouch.2. Sweet talk pen set. Three of my favorite colors, AND they have little cute/motivational messages written on the side of each one. Yass.3. I haven't always liked sweet perfumes, but recently I've been obsessing over them. I found Pink Sugar on Barefoot Blonde and decided to order it. I love the way it smells and I basically feel like a winter fairy when I wear it. Also to note, men cannot resist this smell. Even when I don't have time to get glammed up or if I feel like a zombie I'll spritz a little of this on as an instant pick me up. Get it here.4. Sometimes I feel like I need to mainline caffeine. Thermal mugs found here.5. Essie Poppy Art Pink and Sparkle on Top. I gave myself this sugary pink sparkling mani after taking a break from writing one of my papers. My boyfriend told me my nails looked like cupcakes. Life goals +1.  6. For full on turtle mode when I'm covertly studying. I love massive scarves and this one is super affordable. I've been wearing it everywhere. I got it here but I think it's sold out. I believe Forever 21 carries similar styles though.7. Favorite lip balm from my beloved Lush. Keeping them soft and hydrated through stressed out lip-chewing and bitter, bitter cold.Also, remember to stay hydrated!xo, 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Glam Glow

Glam Glow. Long had I eyed it as I perused the aisles of Sephora on my various makeup missions. But the timing never seemed right. I know people rave about it, but it's hella expensive, and my skin isn't really problematic - I saved my money for other things. I'm blessed with clear skin and I can get away with having a much more budget friendly skin pampering sesh.Then one day, as I was waiting in the check out line (damn you small check out line items!) I noticed a .5oz tub of the Glam Glow Youthmud. It beckoned to me... my skin was feeling a little dull after one too many sleepless nights and a chocolate binge here and there. Perhaps a healthier way to treat myself? For $19.00 it seemed worth it. I popped the sucker into my cart and prepared myself for a spa worthy skindulgence.The orange spot on my forehead was an attempt to mitigate a pre-eruption face demon (pimple) courtesy of that time of the month. I crushed a tablet of ibuprofen and mixed it with water into a paste to calm the inflammation.The Glam Glow: The mask itself is a greyish mud with little pieces of seaweed or leaves in it. It has a very fine gritty texture which is surprisingly effective at 100000000% sloughing the dead skin off of your face. The box says it's supposed to tingle - I think that's a bit of an understatement, especially for first time users. For me, as mask dried, it burned. Not to the point of harm or anything, but it was uncomfortable. I almost washed it off of my face early because I was concerned - however, for $19.00 per half ounce, that stuff was staying on my face. After reading more into it, apparently the more it "tingles" the more toxins and pollutants are being sucked out of your face. Ok, I could get behind that. It made sense because the second and third time I used it the burn was less and then it was just a tingly feeling.To use: Simply spread the mask over your face, wait until it dries (about 10 mins) and rinse it off with warm water. I rubbed it off gently in circular motions to exfoliate my skin some moreConsensus:If you can get past the burning, this stuff is pretty cool. Since my skin is overall pretty clear I wasn't expecting much, but the improvement was noticeable. I have these teeny little blackheads by the tip of my nose that no cleansers really ever get to - which has never been a big deal. But the Glam Glow sucked these little guys right out. You can actually see the impurities getting sucked out as the mask dries. And my skin was SOFT. Probably the softest it's ever been. I got a little over three uses from the .5oz container. The only downside I would have to say is the price - but I think you do get what you paid for in this case. If you're looking for something for your skin, and you have the money to splurge, I would definitely recommend it. Maybe for the holidays? Christmas morning facials, anyone? I would probably try a different treatment for super dry or sensitive skin (they have a hydrating one!) because of the intensity of the tingling. Youthmud is a great option for normal or combination skin that needs a pick me up, definitely brightening and invigorating.My boyfriend has struggled with acne for years, so I think I may pick up the Glam Glow clearing treatment for him and see how that works. And perhaps buy a full size Youthmud for myself.xo,

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fresh Faced

Sometimes a girl just wants to wear makeup without feeling like she's wearing makeup. In my case, it usually happens when I don't get enough sleep the night before. Or if I'm in a hurry. Or if I want to feel like a fresh faced, rosy cheeked princess from a 19th century period novel {cue swoon!}
When I'm feeling like this, I can only be bothered to brighten up my face and add a pop of color without feeling overly "done." I really just focus on the skin - creating a "lit from within" glow.
For speedy application I pop on some of my trusty NARS sheer glow with a damp beauty blender. I love this stuff - it gives the perfect amount of coverage for a foundation, is never cakey, and always buffs out to such a natural finish. For under the eyes I blended in some NARS liquid concealer.

To contour I used both Too Faced Chocolate Soleil and Laura Mercier matte powder (in 03), which I like to blend to get the perfect contour shade.This step is perfectly optional and any single bronzer will do, when I'm on the go I usually just grab the one closest to me. Laura Mercier is warmer and more bronze-y, while Too Faced is a little more cool toned, opting for a less bronze and more "shadowed" look. 

I contoured my nose with NYX pencil in Taupe, best trick EVER. Dusted a rosy pink blush on the apples of my cheeks, blended upwards toward my temples, and added a fair amount of highlighter. I used Benefit Bella Bamba and this highlighter (love the stuff!!).

I always make sure to fill in my brows, even on days when I go minimal elsewhere, because they add so much depth by framing the face. I used Dip Brow (in blonde).

To clean up the edges of my brows and even out my lids (you can see my veins without it) I blended in a little more concealer on top of my lids. I like this trick because it really brightens up my eyes without having to put much on them. I also added mascara (HG Tarte) and swiped on a little bit of a light pinky shade (MAC Creme Cup) on my lips.

This is such quick and easy every day look and it basically works for anyone! I love the youthful and fresh look and it doesn't require anything complicated - perfect for early mornings, class, traveling, picking daisies in a meadow... etc. Hope you enjoy!


Monday, December 1, 2014

Sweater Weather

Happy December everybody!

It was so nice to be home last week for Thanksgiving. I gave my cats super extra snuggles, took many bubble baths (Lush YESS), and ate so. much. food. But it was most excellent. Though I do dislike the cold, the weather was perfect for staying cozy inside.

When it's cold and gray (and I actually have to be productive) I like to add a little extra spice to my makeup. It keeps me going throughout the day (maybe to keep me from crawling back into bed). I think it also compensates for my cray cray hair.

Here's what I went for the day before Thanksgiving. I was feeling particularly neutral tones to match my autumn-y sweater. I stuck to mostly mattes because I was feeling serious and dramatic, and I also added some demi falsies for good measure.

Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Blonde

NARS Sheer Glow foundation in Ceylan
Translucent powder
For my contour I mixed Chocolate Soleil and Matte Baked Powder (shade 03) with a big kabuki brush
NARS concealer in Custard under my eyes
And my newest highlight obsession, Becca Skin Perfector in Champagne Gold

Stay Don't Stray in Light/Medium to prime my lids
Naked Basics palette
Lights, Camera, Flashes (my HG mascara!!!)
Demi Lashes. Similar ones here, I have these ones too.

MAC Whirl lip pencil
MAC Faux lipstick


Thursday, November 20, 2014


Some things I've been loving today:

Some fresh juice (I've been drinking blueprint). It keeps me feeling energized and helps me power through writing my essays!

Newest sparkle obsession? Head chains. I think they're SO cool because they make me feel like a magical gypsy elven princess. I just got this one from Nasty Gal.

Plumping lipgloss. I'm a sucker for lip plumper because I love the tingly feeling that they give my lips. I found this one at Forever 21 for about $3.80 which is a steal - I got coral and baby pink.
Lip set in Pink - I have the Lip Plumper gloss

Snuggly sweaters. Also found at Forever 21, marled cowl neck sweater. I've been really into budget buys from Love 21, because their clothing fits me better than the regular Forever 21 line. And when I'm in the mood to splurge, I crush HARD on Nasty GalSwoon.
I love how the model in this pic is rocking the sweater - with distressed jeans and a Panama hat and some kickass chunky jewelry. It's super cozy and casual but also kinda sexy!

And last but not least, a quote that I saw on my Instagram feed from MAC:
"I embrace my mistakes. I embrace my potential. I embrace myself for being me."

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's in the little things

Lately I think it's been so easy to get caught up in the stress of day to day life. We live in a culture where stress is normalized - despite the fact that living with chronic stress has literally been proven to harm our bodies, physically and psychologically. 

It sometimes seems like you are judged for taking time for yourself, as if it makes you 'weak' or 'less ambitious.' Today I was caught up in my head, in my stress, ruminating on a lot of things. This is when it hit me - if you keep taking from your pool of resources without refilling it, eventually you will run out of resources. I think I've been so concerned with my grand plan that I'm not allowing myself to stop and smell the roses, and to be grateful for what's already in my life. 

So I'm making it a goal of mine to find gratitude along the way. Even if it's just to appreciate the little things, like treating myself to some Lush hot toddy in the shower (most amazing body wash EVER if you love cinnamon and spice). 
Or appreciating that the sun is out even when it's really windy and cold. Or every snuggle I get to have with my kitties on the weekends. The love and support that I have in my life during the struggles, and all of the small acts of kindness. I think every little victory and moment of love is what get us through and keep us sane. 

I want to consciously choose happiness, and to find peace, because I've realized that it means the most to me - not money or prestige or an 800% on my next paper.  I want simple contentment and to devote myself to something that means more. Spread the kindness and treat the world how you want to be treated by the world. 

By the way, I recently ran across this blog, and I think this girl is SO gorge. Girl crush moment... I'm having some major hair envy, and omg her outfit. 

That is all.