Hi there! I'm Rebecca, a Connecticut grown college student, studying right here in CT. When I'm not blogging about pretty things you'll find me either studying, getting in a good workout, painting my nails, or hanging out with my amazing boyfriend. I have a secret obsession with cats and in the winter I knit to relax (Am I a crazy cat lady? Sure). I love sunshine and health food, and I believe in maintaining a sound mind and a sound body (you'll find tons of sweaty, gym-unicorn pics of me on Instagram). 

Makeup has always been an outlet for me to express myself creatively. Swiping on my favorite lipstick, admiring coat of new mascara, or discovering something new in the beauty world adds a little extra spring to my step! I started Lovely Medley because I wanted to create a place where I could share this feeling, by using makeup to help other girls feel pretty and confident. I believe that we should each feel empowered by our own unique beauty - when we feed our inner sparkle, it's easier to live on the bright side of life!

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