Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's in the little things

Lately I think it's been so easy to get caught up in the stress of day to day life. We live in a culture where stress is normalized - despite the fact that living with chronic stress has literally been proven to harm our bodies, physically and psychologically. 

It sometimes seems like you are judged for taking time for yourself, as if it makes you 'weak' or 'less ambitious.' Today I was caught up in my head, in my stress, ruminating on a lot of things. This is when it hit me - if you keep taking from your pool of resources without refilling it, eventually you will run out of resources. I think I've been so concerned with my grand plan that I'm not allowing myself to stop and smell the roses, and to be grateful for what's already in my life. 

So I'm making it a goal of mine to find gratitude along the way. Even if it's just to appreciate the little things, like treating myself to some Lush hot toddy in the shower (most amazing body wash EVER if you love cinnamon and spice). 
Or appreciating that the sun is out even when it's really windy and cold. Or every snuggle I get to have with my kitties on the weekends. The love and support that I have in my life during the struggles, and all of the small acts of kindness. I think every little victory and moment of love is what get us through and keep us sane. 

I want to consciously choose happiness, and to find peace, because I've realized that it means the most to me - not money or prestige or an 800% on my next paper.  I want simple contentment and to devote myself to something that means more. Spread the kindness and treat the world how you want to be treated by the world. 

By the way, I recently ran across this blog, and I think this girl is SO gorge. Girl crush moment... I'm having some major hair envy, and omg her outfit. 

That is all.


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