Tuesday, December 9, 2014

End of semester picks

Class is over and it's finally reading days, which means we're almost done with the semester!!I took a break from my mountain of assignments to put together some of my most loved items for this time of year.1. I am very busy. Enough said. I've been coveting ban.do lately... here's to nonverbal cues in the library. Get it together pencil pouch.2. Sweet talk pen set. Three of my favorite colors, AND they have little cute/motivational messages written on the side of each one. Yass.3. I haven't always liked sweet perfumes, but recently I've been obsessing over them. I found Pink Sugar on Barefoot Blonde and decided to order it. I love the way it smells and I basically feel like a winter fairy when I wear it. Also to note, men cannot resist this smell. Even when I don't have time to get glammed up or if I feel like a zombie I'll spritz a little of this on as an instant pick me up. Get it here.4. Sometimes I feel like I need to mainline caffeine. Thermal mugs found here.5. Essie Poppy Art Pink and Sparkle on Top. I gave myself this sugary pink sparkling mani after taking a break from writing one of my papers. My boyfriend told me my nails looked like cupcakes. Life goals +1.  6. For full on turtle mode when I'm covertly studying. I love massive scarves and this one is super affordable. I've been wearing it everywhere. I got it here but I think it's sold out. I believe Forever 21 carries similar styles though.7. Favorite lip balm from my beloved Lush. Keeping them soft and hydrated through stressed out lip-chewing and bitter, bitter cold.Also, remember to stay hydrated!xo, 

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