Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fresh Faced

Sometimes a girl just wants to wear makeup without feeling like she's wearing makeup. In my case, it usually happens when I don't get enough sleep the night before. Or if I'm in a hurry. Or if I want to feel like a fresh faced, rosy cheeked princess from a 19th century period novel {cue swoon!}
When I'm feeling like this, I can only be bothered to brighten up my face and add a pop of color without feeling overly "done." I really just focus on the skin - creating a "lit from within" glow.
For speedy application I pop on some of my trusty NARS sheer glow with a damp beauty blender. I love this stuff - it gives the perfect amount of coverage for a foundation, is never cakey, and always buffs out to such a natural finish. For under the eyes I blended in some NARS liquid concealer.

To contour I used both Too Faced Chocolate Soleil and Laura Mercier matte powder (in 03), which I like to blend to get the perfect contour shade.This step is perfectly optional and any single bronzer will do, when I'm on the go I usually just grab the one closest to me. Laura Mercier is warmer and more bronze-y, while Too Faced is a little more cool toned, opting for a less bronze and more "shadowed" look. 

I contoured my nose with NYX pencil in Taupe, best trick EVER. Dusted a rosy pink blush on the apples of my cheeks, blended upwards toward my temples, and added a fair amount of highlighter. I used Benefit Bella Bamba and this highlighter (love the stuff!!).

I always make sure to fill in my brows, even on days when I go minimal elsewhere, because they add so much depth by framing the face. I used Dip Brow (in blonde).

To clean up the edges of my brows and even out my lids (you can see my veins without it) I blended in a little more concealer on top of my lids. I like this trick because it really brightens up my eyes without having to put much on them. I also added mascara (HG Tarte) and swiped on a little bit of a light pinky shade (MAC Creme Cup) on my lips.

This is such quick and easy every day look and it basically works for anyone! I love the youthful and fresh look and it doesn't require anything complicated - perfect for early mornings, class, traveling, picking daisies in a meadow... etc. Hope you enjoy!


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