Thursday, December 11, 2014

Messing around

I wanted to do hair that was sexy and textured and natural looking but still gave off somewhat of a romantic vibe. I love to wear my hair like this because it still feels so low maintenance even though it's curled - I have a hard time finding a good balance when curling my hair. Sometimes I don't curl it enough and it falls flat in five minutes (ughhhhhh) and other times I compensate for that by absolutely curling the ever loving out of my hair and ending up with a wild Shirley Temple 'do. So I think I found a good balance with this.
This was also quick and easy, (yayy) and as we all know, if you have naturally straight hair, curling it can take FOREVER. I think it's flattering and flowy and makes me feel like I'm a windswept elven princess who just got off the back of a stallion... I don't know, I've been feeling Lord of the Rings lately, ya feel me? #nerdfordays
This is what I'm talking about :)
Yeah, so it's pretty minimal. 
Start with dry hair. My hair happened to be clean today but of course day old hair works for this too.
Ok, so next here's my super-extra-power-secret for Pinterest worthy hair: Extensions. Yes. 
Put those extensions in, girl. They're pricey but a very worthy investment in my opinion, if you do your research on the best kind for you! Because I'm a beauty junkie I decided to get these after stalking my favorite beauty blogs. They're 220g and 22 inches. I have fine hair, but it's relatively thick/dense.
Way back when, when I started wearing extensions, I had 160g 20 inch but found that these were too thin for my hair, so I switched over.  They were also about two shades too light so after I stopped dying my hair I had to perpetually color them (le sigh).
I got these recently and I lurve them. For wild mane looks I could even go thicker, but for now I love the 220gs. They are a really good balance of thickness and length, and fit my budget better than 240's or 260's. 
Anyway, enough extension rambling. I may do a post in the future about choosing extensions.
Get out your heat protectant and apply that to your beautiful flowing hair.
To get the loose curls I sectioned off my hair with clips and used a curling wand to curl about 1 inch sections of hair. I used dis one.
Don't worry about making the curls perfect, they'll end up being pretty loose anyway. I simply focused on only curling mid-shaft to ends and pulled the curls out while they were still warm to get a more 'flowy' effect. I also kind of left my top layers alone but this is totally optional, I just wanted it to be subtle and loose and girl-next-door-meets-Arwen. 
Spritz a little hairspray (flexible hold), shake your hair out, and go! You can also alway use texture spray if you feel you need to. I've been going through a minimal products phase though (read, laziness) so I left it alone.
Hope you guys like it!

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