Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend baking

If you didn't know, this weekend I went home to bake. I've made this into a habit since recently discovering my passion for baking. I've been mostly doing simple stuff like cookies or brownies, but this time I decided that I would challenge myself with something new. I decided to try making a tart!


Ok, so I'm really happy with the outcome! It's called a Swiss Apple Tart, which is basically an apple tart with rich custard over a sweet crust. It's a relatively simple recipe, though it can be tricky to bake evenly depending on how your oven runs. But totally worth it because it's delicious. The only issue I had with it was that we had to leave for school right after the tart was done baking. I had to remove it from the pan straight out of the oven, and without any cooling time it was difficult to keep its form. Since it was still hot and not completely solid it leaked on me during the car ride... However, I definitely want to try it again!


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