Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Feeling meh?

It was so cold and rainy and generally meh today. I had to endure the elements on multiple train platforms, while simultaneously hauling around overpacked bags. Yeah, yeah, I know, boo hoo, so tragic. 
So, I figured I would make lemonade and talk about how to feel fabulous even on a meh day.

Here is a 10 step Rebecca approved method to feeling fabulous:

  1. Wear your fiercest fur vest. Then strut.
  2.  Neutrals to match your mood. (I feel green, like moldy bread. *sigh*) 
  3. I also suggest doing the chic comfy sweater/scarf combo thing to profoundly convey "I don't care but I'm still hot". 
  4. Pile your unwashed, unbrushed hair into a messy bun. This never fails to look effortlessly chic, while simultaneously perpetuating the above message. Yes.
  5. Jeans. Comfy and also have the magic power of making your behind look amazing.
  6. Ridiculously oversized sunglasses. When people ask you if you are aware that it's pitch black and torrentially pouring, calmly turn to them and say that the sunglasses keep the majestic sparkle in your eyes from horrifically blinding everyone. Or just say yes.
  7. Something warm to drink
  8. Soothing indie music (I love Iron & Wine for these types of days)
  9. Sparkles (I chose sparkly jewelry)
  10. Do one thing that will make you smile, regardless of where you are. I cracked open my bag of makeup and went ham in front of everyone on the train. Even if I looked like a fool, it made me feel good, which is what matters.
And, if all else fails: Attack of the Cute

Working the fur vest and green scarf like it's nobody's business. Moldy bread is my muse ... *sigh*
Smile! Things will perk up :)
Here's to feeling our best!


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